Newest Konnwei KW210 Automatic Smart 12V Car Battery Tester 100-2000 CCA Car Battery Analyzer Auto Repair Tool Regualr Flooded

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Newest Konnwei KW210 Automatic Smart 12V Car Battery Tester 100-2000 CCA Car Battery Analyzer Auto Repair Tool Regualr Flooded

KONNWEI KW210 is the newest battery tester upgraded from the old classic backlit tester in the market, aiming at check battery health fast and accurately, as well as check the alternator working status. It’s a professional vehicle diagnostic tool for checking your battery system issues by using the graphing voltage monitoring tool, with its color screen and unique pattern design, life time free update service, the KONNWEI KW210 is a perfect battery testing tool for your job and the family.

KONNWEI KW210 Languages:

English, Japanese, French, German, Russian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Italian


 KONNWEI KW210  is mainly targeted to analyze the battery healthy status to calculate the actual cold cranking, capability of the battery and the aging extent, which provide reliable analysis evidence for the test and maintenance of the battery. KW600 notifies the users to replace battery in advance when the battery getting aged.


KW210 Battery Tester Function:

 Identify battery status Good or Replace

Check Battery Capacity – Cold Cranking Amps (CCA), DIN, EN and IEC information relative to battery rating.

Check Internal re​​sistance value (m)

Display Life in percentage (%)

Battery Cranking Test, load test

Battery Charging Test, Ripple Test

Graphing voltage real time monitoring

Test results storage and review

Print test results and battery report on

PC Life time upgrade free



  KW210 Battery Tester Features   

Fast and smooth running speed with STM32 chip set hardware

Accurate test results, using high precision amplifier and calibrated by professional battery testing tool

Wide testing range cover from CCA 100- 2000 , 30- 220 AH, best in the market

Industry initiative graphical Battery Voltage real time monitoring

Unique battery results display in percentage

Test all automotive cranking lead acid battery, including ordinary lead acid battery, AGM flat plate battery, AGM spiral battery, and Gel battery, etc.

Polarity reverse connection protection, reverse connection will not damage the tester or affect the vehicle and battery.

Directly test the battery with loss of electricity, no need to full charge before testing.

Testing standards include currently the world’s majority of battery standards, CCA, BCI, CA, MCA, JIS, DIN, IEC, EN, SAE, GB.

Data Storage and upload to PC for printing

Life time upgrade free by one-click smart cloud update

Large color screen LCD display, pattern design

Application Use to test a wide range of 12V batteries (Starting [SLI], Deep Cycled and Marine) of Wet (Flooded), VRLA or Maintenance Free (MF), Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF), Absorption Glass Mat (AGM) and GEL cell. The major battery standards JIS, SAE, EN, DIN and IEC are supported.


KONNWEI KW210 Specification

Display: 2.4” Color TFT screen

Operating Temperature : -20 to 70 ℃ (-4 to 158 ℉)

Power: 9 to 16 V provided via vehicle Supported

Battery type: CCA, ICE, EN, DIN, CA, BCI, MCA, SAE, GB, JIS

Device Dimensions: 16.5cm x 6cm x 2.5cm

Weight: 450 g


How to update it?

1* KONNWEI KW210 Battery Tester Unit

1* User’s Manual

1* USB Cable for upgrade and print

1* Safe packing box (plastic protection inside)

Ships From

Russian Federation, Spain, United States, China, Czech Republic

Brand Name




Product Name

12V Car Battery Tester

Battery Tester function

Quick Test/ In vehicle check cranking system, charging system

Battery Tester language:

English, Japanese, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish….and more

Special Feature:

Unique voltage graphing monitoring

12V Battery Tester range:

CCA 100- 2000 CCA, 30- 220AH


high accuracy reaching to 98% for universal batteries


Yes, easy life time free update by one-click

Data storage and review:

Yes, support review in tester or upload to computer for printing

Car Diagnostic:

Check vehicle battery system and alternator system


more accurate than BT100 & BA101


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