Macury GRACE 8 Electric Scooter ZERO 8 Hoverboard 2 Wheel 48V 52V Adult GRACE8 ZERO8 Z8 T8 E-Scooter Kick Scooter Mini Foldable




When you order any editions, you will get: Rear Handle 1 set $50 Front trolley wheel 1 set $45 Extra tyre & inner tube 1 set $40 Solar e-horn/LED light 1 piece $20 Headbag 1 piece $20 Phone Holder 1 piece $10 Extra deck sticker (non-optional) 1 piece $9 * The giveaways’ prices are based on their retail prices of MACURY store * You can’t specify the colors and patterns of giveaways. * We won’t ship all the replaced parts.

Main points before buying

Due to the special cases rightnow, the transportation could be delayed, and 1. The electric scooters equip lithium batteries, so they are international prohibited goods. We have to deliver them by some special way. Usually, there is no way to transport them, So we send them to Shenzhen at first, then to Hongkong, and to Europe/Russia/USA/Australia/Canada etc. Generally, we will ship it by train to Europe/Russia, by sea to USA/Canada/Australia, then deliver it by UPS/DHL/FedEX and other logictics companies. If you want us ship it by air, you have to bear much higher extra fees. 2. The tracking number can’t be trackable before finishing the clearance, if you can track it, it means you will get scooter several days later, before that, please wait patiently. 3. Free tax means we will bear the customs for you, you won’t pay for that anymore. Free tax contries: EU/USA/UAE/Canada/Russia/Australia/Singapore/Malaysia/Thailand and so on. If you come from other countries, please consult us before your buying. 4. The laws and regulations are very different among countries, I don’t know whether our scooters comply with your local laws and regulations, you have to consult your local traffic authority in advance, we wouldn’t bear any legal liability for that. 5. The Speedual/Grace series are the same as Zero series, just the brands are different, In some countries, they are called Zero, but in China we call them Speedual or Grace. All of them are assembled in same factory, by same workers, by the same parts. 6. We have done a lot of treatment for waterproofing, but we can’t promise you the scooter damaged by water is still under guarantee, because 100% waterproofing is impossible under the current technical conditions. In addition, riding on rainy days is very unsafe. We strongly recommend that you do not ride on rainy days. 7. We are constantly improving our scooters, and we have many different suppliers to provide parts, so some details of our scooters will be different from the description page, such as the brake/grips/tires/screws/arms/motors…please make sure you’re clear before your buying. 8. The max range based on Macury lab data, someone of 60kg continuously rode a max charging scooter on a flat road, at 15km/h and 25℃, without wind. The real distance would be much shorter. Your driving style, speed, temperature, load, tire pressure, road condition, weather, all of them would greatly affect a scooter’s real range. 9. The batteries’ cells of 36V/48V edition are made by Chinese companies, the cells of 52V edition are made by LG, but no matter which edition’s cells, they are packed by Chinese companies. 10. If you’re from Australia, and you don’t have an import lisence, because the government of Australia changed the import policy in this year early, We have to ship the scooter without battery, and ship the battery seperately at same time, you have to install the battery by yourself, and you have to bear the shipping fees of battery, it’s around $100.



Ships From


Brand Name










Applicable People


Charging Time

3-6 hours

Range Per Charge





Two-wheel Scooter

Model Number


Tire Size

8 inch


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