Electric Portable Folding Scooter Exchangable Lithium Battery 25KM Cruisingability Mini E-Scooter Folding Electric Scooters



Portable travel and enjoy life

4-step quick folding, subvert the tradition

Imitation dragonfly design, stylish and beautiful

Removable and replaceable battery pack

Aluminum-magnesium alloy forging process

Industrial design model

Imitation dragonfly design stylish and beautiful

The design is not only the appearance, but also the ingenuity and ingenuity from the outside to the inside

It adopts the original ecological image-type dragonfly bionic appearance design, integrated minimalist body, tough aluminum-magnesium alloy body, one-piece lightweight frame, stable and durable, lightweight and portable, and adopts ergonomic design, carefully considering user use Feel every detail of time.

Waterproof push-type acceleration finger dial design, easy to use with one button.

20 kilometers long battery life lithium battery revolution all the way forward

Automotive power lithium batteries, six intelligent protections, using power lithium batteries, high-rate and high-power power supply, safe and durable performance.

Creative lithium battery pole design, good waterproof performance, safe riding all the way in rainy days.

Removable and replaceable battery pack

Small space releases big energy

Removable and replaceable battery pack, longer battery life, easy to carry, front-drive drive, brushless Hall motor.

The power lithium battery, with the performance of the motor, enhances the performance of the vehicle and brings different power strength.

Four-folded scooter in a backpack

Four-step folding, stable and convenient

Four-fold molding, simplification, put down the pole, and combine the pole hook with the rear fender card position ingeniously, which solves the troubles of user handling and storage, and realizes the folding card while ensuring the overall appearance design language Space, small storage space can be easily lifted with one hand, put in the trunk, elevator and office

Tough aluminum alloy body, light as 10kg, portable

The tough aluminum alloy is selected as the main load-bearing material, which has the characteristics of low density but high strength, and has excellent thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. The net weight of the whole vehicle is about 10kg, which can be easily taken in both work and living environment.

Non-slip handle design, comfortable and intimate grip

The simple geometric non-slip grip design can support long-term riding without slipping off easily.


Push-type acceleration and deceleration, new gameplay is more interesting

The riding mode of the traditional riding tool is changed, and the unique push-type rebound throttle is selected, which can be accelerated by a light press, and the control is convenient and comfortable.

LCD screen, preview the speed at any time

LCD control panel, display of speed, power, gear, etc., the vehicle status is clear at a glance.

Bluetooth Speaker

The battery for traveling music comes with a high-fidelity Bluetooth stereo sound, which contains voice reminders for cars or other warnings. Make your travel more colorful.

Double brake system

Efficient braking performance, more stable and safe riding, more worry-free electronic brakes and pedal brakes, double protection

Advanced shock absorber spring

The driving has to be flat and concealed spring shock absorption, which has good shock absorption. Both urban roads and speed bumps can pass smoothly. The wear-resistant and non-slip contour helps you move forward steadily.

Product size (open size) 920*475*1070mm

Product size (folded size) 675*130*305mm




White, Sky Blue






251 – 350w



Power Supply

Lithium Battery

Max Speed




Frame Material

Carbon Steel

Range per Power

31 – 60 km


Mini Type


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