Elderly home Treadmill 2020 new treadmill folding mechanical treadmill fitness multi-function silent fitness equipment#HWC

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 Treadmill Home Elderly Fitness Exercise Limb Indoor Training


  1. Special treadmill for the elderly, professional low speed 0.5km/h
  2. A variety of sports methods are displayed so that sports are no longer single. Walking exercise, jogging exercise, walking exercise, leg press exercise, parallel bars exercise, push-up exercise.
  3. Real-time hand-held heart rate monitoring, control running speed by mastering heart rate, improve the quality and effect of exercise.
  4. Safety handrails are added, and the area of the handrails is lengthened to increase the sense of security. Exercise more assured, suitable for elders. The safety auxiliary belt protects the user from accidents during running and assists in walking
  5. backwards.
  6. 6 shock-absorbing pads on the base directly contact the ground, which can buffer the pressure and increase the friction to prevent the treadmill from sliding and avoid scratching the floor.
  7. LCD LED display. 3 modes only, display time, calories, distance, speed
  8. Three-stop slope adjustment, adjust the slope, can control the difficulty of training, to achieve fitness intensity needs.
  9. Easy to disassemble and fold, no installation required. Folding less than 0.2 square meters


  1. Additional function: add safety handrail
  2. Maximum load: 240 kg
  3. Product size: 128x115x60cm


  1. 1x Treadmill

Treadmill health tips:

  1. Before using the treadmill, please warm up for 5 minutes, stretch your muscles and stretch muscle groups, and you can exercise before relaxing.
  2. When using a treadmill, follow the principle of gradual cycling. We first adapt to the jogging mode of the treadmill. This process takes about 5 minutes, and then we can slowly accelerate and perform effective fitness exercises according to our physical
  3. needs.
  4. After the exercise, do not take a shower immediately or drink cold water. You can take a shower after taking a half-hour rest.
  5. When you run, you should pay attention to step by step. You must also control the amount of exercise and learn to adjust the running intensity settings by yourself.
  6. The speed range setting 0.5-3KM is suitable for children and the elderly. It is mainly used for moving the body, low-intensity sports, and the time is uncertain.
  7. The speed range setting 3-5KM is suitable for young, middle-aged, and elderly people. It is recommended to use 30-40 minutes for regular aerobic exercise combined with slope use to compete for cardiopulmonary function.
  8. Speed range is set to 6KM, suitable for young and middle-aged use
  9. Regular aerobic exercise, mainly exercise endurance, has the habit of long-term exercise, the recommended time is 30 minutes.



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