AUTOOL BT760 Car Battery Tester 12V 24V CCA Analyzer Automotive Batteries Charging Test Auto Diagnostic Tools with Thermal Print





1. Product Summary

1)BT760 can do tests on automotive and motor batteries such as battery test, cranking test, charging test and maximum load test.

2)Test all automotive cranking lead acid battery, including ordinary lead acid battery, AGM flat plate battery, AGM spiral battery, and Gel battery, etc.

3)Directly detect bad cell battery.

4)Polarity reverse connection protection, reverse connection will not damage the tester or affect the vehicle and battery.

5)Directly test the battery with power shortage, no need to fully charge it before testing.

6)Testing standards include currently the world’s majority of battery standards, CCA, JIS,


7)Support multiple languages, customer can select different language package, which including English, Russian, Spanish, French, German, etc. Other customized language version are also provided.

2. Product Function

Battery test is mainly targeted to analyze the battery healthy status to calculate the actual cold cranking capability of the battery and the aging extent, which provide reliable analysis evidence for the test and maintenance of the battery. It notifies the user to replace battery in advance when the battery getting aged.Cranking test is mainly to test and analyze the starting motor. Through testing the actual required cranking current and cranking voltage of the starting motor, it can find out whether the starting motor works fine. There are several reasons why the starting motor is abnormal: lubricating system fault causing the starting loaded torque increasing or rotor friction of the starting motor causing the increasing friction of the starting motor itself.Charging test is to check and analyze the charging system, including generator, rectifier,rectifier diode, etc., thus to find out whether the output voltage of the generator is normal,the rectifier diode works fine and the charging current is normal. Suppose one of the above mentioned parts is not in normal situation, it will lead to over charge or incomplete charge of the battery, thus the battery will be quickly damaged and also greatly shorten the using life of other loaded electrical appliance. Load test is the test of battery pack, DC power supply, UPS backup battery maintenance and capacity detection.

3. Working Steps

Shake the clamps back and forth to make sure they are well connected. Tester requires the two clamps well connected with the battery poles, otherwise, the test can not go on. The red to the positive and the black to the negative, then the tester display will show the starting interface.

* When the measured battery voltage is lower than 6.0V, the normal test cannot be performed. Press OK to continue.

* Cold Cranking Amps Measure Range:

CCA (USA): 20-3000; IEC (International): 20-2500;

EN (Europe): 20-3000; DIN (Germany): 20-2500;

JIS (Japan): 26A17-N200Z ; Other Species.

2.Voltage Measure Range: 6v~ 30v DC.



Battery test, Cranking test, Charging test, Maximum load testH2c37dbbc9f4a471eaededba063e06915GMULTI-LINGUAL FUNCTON

Supports English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, FrenchGerman, Italian, Thai, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, etc. More than ten languagesHcd09f59d8888443cb56f4953ebfdd1e0dAPPLED TO WIDE RANGE MODELS未标题-7H727ed04ad2b44b09bf82f32e46600f0fUConsequences of using poor batteries

Vehicle electrical failure. Power system gets damaged. Break down and failure to start

Support 6- 32V battery test, fast and convenient. 2.8 inch HD color screen with clear displayu. Reverse connection protection, safe and reliabler. Powerful functions, accurate test results. Switch more than 10 commonly used languagesHa09ac2c78fca4963bf1cf22a9cc84f9bdSupport 6-32V battery testing

With a large test range. BT 760 can also support the battery test of trucks and motorcycles compared to the testers that can only test cars on the marketHe2e7b97ba4da45cdab32ae86abba91b1mSupport one-click data printing

After the battery test is completed, the test results can be printed for easy storageHe347cfb49a1e47409ffd34aa4677c112hH1b040e9e0d684c639b4501b7058e7d88Q


Starting Test

The main purpose is to know whether the starting motor is working properly, by testing the actual starting current and voltage of the starter motor1588907338(1)Charging Test

By checking and analyzing the charging system, including generators,rectifiers, rectifier diodes, etc. check whether the output voltage of the generator is normal, if rectifier diodes work normally, charging current is normal or not1588907345(1)Maximum Load Test

To ensure that the battery can operate normally without exceeding the maximum workload1588907351(1)Hbb074147405f4740bef0fa3fb78d15e7FH66c3b2d430db48c4ab118d7094ee85feQH80bd62b2d56f4fb6a29bcaa97d0fa1acYH5313120d7bbc445abd1053b4314c5ecfC

Ships From

Russian Federation, China, France

Brand Name





autool bt 760



Voltage Measure Range

6v~ 30v DC

Current Measure Range

4 AH~ 240AH

Working temperature

-20°C~ 50°C

.Shell material

Acid resistant ABS material


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